What Is a Website Care Plan? An Essential Guide

You’ve invested a lot into your website, so keeping it healthy should be a priority.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have the resources to properly care for a website after it is launched. This means that their website becomes less effective over time, as things begin to stop working, slow down, and go missing.

A website care plan will help you keep your website properly managed and maintained so you can protect your website investment and generate maximum results with it.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the resources you need to get started with a website care plan.

Understanding Website Care Plans

Before you consider using a website care plan, it’s important to understand what it actually is.

A website care plan is a combination of services that keep your website fully functional and secure. It includes software updating, error troubleshooting, speed optimization, visual testing, security, and more.

There are plenty of companies that offer website care plans for different types of businesses. You should find a care plan that aligns with your business goals and website infrastructure.

The Benefits of a Website Care Plan for Your Business

There are plenty of benefits for using a website care plan to maintain your online presence.

The benefits of a website care plan include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeps your website functioning properly
  • Mitigates security risks
  • Prevents website errors and downtime
  • Increases user experience and conversion rate
  • Keeps your website loading quickly

These benefits can help you increase sales, avoid disruptions to operations, and build trust with customers.

Consider how a website care plan would positively impact your business.

What You Should Look for in a Website Care Plan

When choosing a website care plan, there are several key elements that you’ll want to look for to ensure your site is properly cared for.

Below, we’ll list some of the most important things to seek out in a website care plan.

1. Managed Software Updates to Improve Performance and Security

One of the most important (but often overlooked) aspects of website care are software updates.

Software updates keep your website functioning properly and patch vulnerabilities that compromise your security.

When you don’t keep your software up to date, you could experience performance issues, increase your risk of malware infections, and miss out on new features from developers.

Your website care plan should include managed software updates so you don’t have to worry about these issues.

2. Website Error Troubleshooting and Repair

Although your website might work well most of the time, eventually it will experience some issues. Whether it’s a minor error or major crash, you’ll need to have an expert ready to address the issue.

Your website care plan should offer error troubleshooting and repair services so any problems can be dealt with immediately.

3. Speed Optimization to Improve User Experience

User experience is one of the biggest factors determining how many users convert to customers or leads on your website. Taking it a step deeper, your page loading speed is a huge contributor towards your user experience.

A good website care plan will improve your website speed so you can increase user experience and website effectiveness.

4. Usability Testing to Discover Website Issues

Many website issues are only detected by manually inspecting your pages. Therefore, many businesses have errors that go undetected for too long.

A website care plan should include usability testing to make sure your pages don’t have any flaws that would prevent a visitor from using it properly.

5. Website Security to Keep Your Data Protected

With cyber-attacks on the rise over the past few years, businesses are a huge target. Business websites are often targeted during cyber-attacks to damage a company’s reputation, take advantage of visitors, or steal customer information.

Your website care plan should include security measures such as a firewall, automated malware scanning, and other methods that keep your site protected.

How Much Do Website Care Plans Typically Cost?

Website care plans are typically sold as a monthly package, rather than calculated based on an hourly rate. This means you’ll have a more predictable, affordable expense for site care.

Most website care plans cost between $100 and $3,000 per month. The cost varies depending on your site’s complexity, traffic, and functionality.

A website care plan helps save you money in the long run by extending the lifespan of your site, maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing, and minimizing downtime

Learn more about website care costs here.

What We Include in Our Website Care Plans

As a provider of managed website services, we want to make sure our customers are equipped with the services they need to run a successful website.

Our website care plans include:

  • Managed software updates – Keeps your website functional of protected from malware
  • Troubleshooting and repair – Unexpected website repairs are resolved at no additional charge
  • Speed optimization – Improves user experience to boost sales
  • File and database backups – Keeps your data safe from critical errors or site hacks
  • Usability testing – Manual tests are performed to make sure your site is working properly
  • Security protection – A firewall, monitoring, and other security systems are implemented to protect your site
  • Design and editing – We handle your website edits so you can focus on other tasks

Start Taking Care of Your Site!

Now that you understand website care plans, it’s time for you to start taking better care of your site.

These plans can offer many benefits to your business such as increasing revenue, preventing service disruptions, and building trust with customers.

Start prioritizing your online presence today so you can stay ahead of competitors.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about website care!

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